An immersive, transformative course to discover and express your intent—your soul’s design for fulfillment

Each of us born with innate intent—our soul’s design for deepest fulfillment. Our intent fuels our sense of purpose and draws us towards satisfying choices and experiences to create what we most desire. The way to find and heed our intent—and live our epic hero’s journey—is depicted in almost every story we know yet remains hidden as real because of cultural beliefs that disregard the deeper realities of life as a spiritual realm, full of challenges, magic, and loving spiritual guidance! 

This course will help you identify the epic aspects of your life and understand your own hero’s journey, re-orienting your life to be wholly, uniquely fulfilled in ways you may not ever have imagined. It will help you answer the critical questions every hero asks, such as What are my gifts? What am I being called to? How can I contact my spiritual guides? How can I let go of what no longer serves me? and How can bring my gifts in service to others? 

“It feels like my inner compass is aligned with my inner peace and trust and the misty fog disappeared in favor of blue sky. First time in my life I know what to do and that make a COMPLETE sense to me. How great is that! Thank you so much!” – N. K.

Are these thoughts familiar to you?

I have often wondered how I can gain a deeper sense that my life has purpose—something fun, natural, and fulfilling.
I’ve read books or attended lectures to help me find what will bring me a sense of purpose, and fulfillment, but I need help discovering mine.
I’ve recently experienced a change in my life and need help finding a new direction.
I want to contribute to the world—and the global shift in consciousness—in ways that are fulfilling for me, but I don’t know how.
I want to renew my sense of childhood fun, enthusiasm, and creative play.

If so, then you’ll want to explore tried-and-true methods to live your purpose, your hero’s journey:

  • Discover your hero’s journey—the path you’ve been on since birth—by immersing yourself in your own unique, epic life story.

  • Explore elements of your childhood and natural interests that are keys to hearing the call to adventure—your unique intent.

  • Develop your direct connection with your Essence Self, your Personal God.

  • Identify and address beliefs, fears, and so-called "flaws" that have prevented you from heeding the call of your hero’s journey.

  • Discover your intent, your soul's design for fulfillment, by learning about the nine families of intent, characteristics of consciousness that inform your purpose and expressions.

  • Cultivate habits to support discovery and continued emergence of your unique spiritual superpowers.

"If you think you've 'been around the block', Joanne and Rose will
invite you to find out what's around some new corners." – A. C.

Live Your Purpose, Your Hero’s Journey is a comprehensive online, on-demand experience that you can take at your own pace—at any time, on any smartphone, tablet, or computer—and enjoy your own comfortable environment of exploration! In this intimate setting, you’ll take a journey of self-discovery that will draw you towards choices and experiences to create what you desire. You’ll understand your own epic hero’s journey, full of challenges, magic, and loving spiritual guides!

The course curriculum includes the teachings of the nonphysical Essence Rosechanneled by Joanne Helfrichmythologist Joseph Campbell, and other wisdom sources. This unique learning experience provides ten (10) online, on-demand classes, experiential activities, exercises, life practices, audio meditations, and supplemental resources to foster deep, transformative insights and personal growth.   

"Joanne Helfrich has created a thought-provoking approach to making things better in our lives. The practices give us a way to test drive her ideas without having to throw away the world view that has sustained us for better or worse up to now." – M. R.

Why do this now?

Because you and your gifts are needed in the world now. When you become the hero of your own life, doing what you love doing, you change yourself and your world for the better. You can pursue the work you really love. You can help reduce suffering in the world in ways that bring you joy. Enrollees have until July 1, 2023 to complete the course. 

“The information serves as a bridge between the worlds of Spirit and of physicality. Rose wants everyone to know that it is Essence's role to assist all humanity in achieving our dreams, reaching our goals, and fulfilling our purpose. If we truly understand and take the teachings to heart, we will at last recognize the amazing beings we truly are.” – J. K.

Frequently asked questions

  • Will you tell me what my life’s purpose is?

    No. Your purpose is to experience life and we will help you find ways to choose and experience what you find most fulfulling by discovering, or rediscovering, your intent.

  • Does “purpose” mean doing something big, like saving the world?

    No. Having a sense of purpose means knowing that you were born to do or experience some things instead of others, then doing them in ways that bring you fulfillment. It is a natural extension of who you are and what you enjoy doing.

  • Does my purpose include having fun?

    Absolutely! Fun and play are important elements of one’s purpose, and finding your intent helps you discover what those things are for you.

“Rose teaches in ways that are healing and understanding of our desire to express new directions of experience in our daily existence that moves us from the mundane to the exceptional. The message that is repeatedly delivered in different ways is that we are aware of ourselves in more ways than we notice and that in this awareness we have all the abilities to expand our daily lives to live in a passionate, fulfilling, loving and gentle way by paying attention to ourselves.” – R. W.

What can I expect to learn?

Course Curriculum

Here is an overview of what you will explore in each class

Class 1: Introduction

  • Instructor’s introduction
  • How the course works
  • The importance of capturing your thoughts, ideas, inspirations, and dreams… and tools to help


Class 2: Your Personal God, Inner Senses, and Intent

  • Your Essence Self, a vast energy that you can consider your Personal God
  • Your inner senses—the important means of communication with essence
  • Your unique intent and hero’s journey


Class 3: Your Hero’s Journey

  • Develop your inner senses, and learn how to access alternatives to your thinking
  • Express your unique intent, your hero’s journey, your bliss—an overview
  • The miracle of your birth, your first breath
  • Remember that you are essence—and how do to so through breath practice 


Class 4: The Call to Adventure

  • Remember hearing the call as a child—a key to rediscovering your intent
  • Examples of individuals who heard the call as a child
  • Rediscover what you knew as a child.
  • Reconnect with your natural passions— those you knew as a child


Class 5: Refusal of the Call

  • Learn to identify what has prevented you from heeding the call 
  • Identify ways to turn loss into ways to heed the call
  • Learn the valuable life practices of addressing your fears and beliefs, including limiting beliefs


Class 6: The Road of Trials

  • Learn how to listen to your better angels and address the shadow self that can impede your path
  • Identify limitations, including perfection beliefs
  • Identify your “flaws” and how they might be gifts, assets, or strengths in disguise


Class 7: Supernatural Aid

  • Learn how your magical helper—your Essence Self—communicates with you, and how to deepen the connection
  • Learn to connect with Rose, who can help you connect with your own essence
  • Learn the importance of acts of service that benefit others


Class 8: The Families of Intent

  • Learn about the spiritual families of intent, a method to identify your own unique intent and spiritual superpowers
  • Use your inner senses to identify which families of intent you feel most connected with


Class 9: Identify Your Intent

  • Learn to identify your Essence belonging-to family of intent, a theme that colors all of your lifetimes  
  • Learn to identify your aligning-with family of intent in this lifetime
  • Identify an intent name to help clarify your intent


Class 10: Bestowing Blessings

  • Learn about the hero’s return, with power to bestow benefits on his fellow man
  • Learn ways to discover your spiritual superpower—the match between your intent, your special abilities, and your means of benefiting others

“Once you accept that idea and understand the methods that Rose and Joanne teach you, you will see the world and your place in it in a different light. After understanding the concepts I can honestly say I am a happier person, living a more fulfilled life, and helping to create a better world for everyone.” – L. G.

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Joanne Helfrich, Principal Instructor

Jo is an author and channeler of the energy personality essence, Rose. Her work is inspired by Jane Roberts (late author of the Seth Material) and other spiritual teachers. She’s also been highly influenced by social scientists including Dr. Don Beck (Spiral Dynamics Integral) and Ken Wilber (Integral Institute). Her Rose-authored books include The Way of Spirit: Teachings of Rose and Let That Shit Go: Learn to Process Loss and Be Happy. Her current work, Afterlives: Firsthand Accounts of Twenty Notable People provides groundbreaking evidence of the afterlife. She provides resources to help individuals awaken to change at

Joanne Helfrich

Principal Instructor

Live Your Purpose, Your Hero's Journey

Discover your intent—your soul’s design for deepest fulfillment—and explore deeper realities of life as a spiritual realm, full of challenges, magic, and loving spiritual guidance!

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